Hello Everyone!

As we go throughout the Christian life we can start to get into a rut. This is not to be confused with rythmn or routine but rather this rut can be a deep sense of knowing the stories but not applying them anymore. We should be in complete awe over Christ and the Bible. Have you read it lately? It is pretty amazing and miraculous! To think that there was nothing BUT God in the beginning, and He had the desire to create angels, the world, and even you. The same God that created the sparkly stars, the birds that chirp in the morning, the plants, and even the galaxies, created you! There are over 150 different galaxies and each galaxy is unique in the way that it looks. Then to get better…God decided to create the Milky Way that would contain earth and on that earth, God would place people. These people are not just random though! He carefully crafted each of us to be uniquely made in His image. With each individual He made, He gave different gifts and talents. Not one of His creations would be the exact same. Each person He would give the desire to be close to Him. If it’s not great enough that God created you unique, He gave us each the ability to choose. We can choose whether we want coffee or tea, whether we want to participate in sports or in music, who we want to marry, and ultimately who we want to serve. For the God of the universe to want to create you AND give you a choice of what to do is amazing. I think of my father in this. If my dad told me i had to love him, i would BUT how much more would i love my dad if never told me i HAD to love him but rather He just showed me what it is like to be loved. We are constantly shown how to be loved but yet we have the choice to love God back. To make this story even better, when we sinned God sent His ONLY son to die on the cross.

The cross in Bible times was a way of capital punishment. The cross was created so that people who were hung on it would hang on it for days until they died and if they did not die quick enough, centurions would go and break bones so that the person would not be able to lift themselves up to breathe. Often times, people would stay hung on the cross even after they had died as a way of setting an example to the rest of society.  The Romans had a tradition to get to the execution site the person would have to carry this piece of wood. This piece of wood weighed about 300 pounds and was very awkwardly shaped. This type of death is very slow and very painful. Jesus drank every last drop of God’s wrath. God had been storing up His wrath and it all went out onto Jesus. Jesus took the cup and drank every drop. The fact that Jesus died on a tree relates back to the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve took fruit from the tree and ate it. The way that sin entered the world was through a tree and the way that salvation through Jesus comes was also on a tree but yet they have significantly different outcomes.

So after looking at the Bible in a different light, we are able to once again be in awe of God. One way we are able to be in constant awe of God is through reading different passages in Scripture as well as being around other believers and talking about what each has found. The insight someone else can bring to topics can often times make us think in a different light. I have found by taking different Bible classes and history classes it has made me more in awe of God because the facts that back up all the stories are so magnificent. Continue to look for different ways to be in awe of truth and to see God in different lights. I promise you, you will be amazed if you search.

“Your relationship with Jesus will set the tone for every other relationship in your life. Fix your eyes on Him and watch how it changes things.”

Much love,

Bible and the Bean


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