Hello Ladies!

I thought it may be nice to hear a little about my story so here it goes… I was saved at the young age of 4, so like many I questioned my salvation…often. I grew up in a Christian home and a Christian school. So I thought I did not have a testimony because my story was so typical. God has used my story to teach me about His faithfulness and I hope my story can encourage you to dive deep into a relationship with God and get to know Him on a personal level. I can promise you that you will not regret it. Over the last 4 years I have seen God work through many of the stages in my life.

In middle school I was known as a “goody too shoes” because I always tried to follow the rules and I always tried to cover my flaws. I got pretty good at hiding my sins and continued to do this as I got into high school. I guess you could say I was that girl who wasn’t one of the popular kids but I got along with everyone. I was often known as the teacher’s pet. In high school I put my self-worth in my outward appearance, in my grades, in the friends that I had, and in my boyfriend. I found myself frequently putting on a facade of being a good Christian and having my life all together. Through high school I didn’t put much thought into having a relationship with Christ…why would I need that when I knew all the facts and the right things to say? My freshman year of high school I started to date a guy and he became my whole world. This guy became my image of the perfect life. At the end of the summer before my Junior year of high school I started my first job at a coffee shop/ice cream shop. I made many great friends through this experience but it has a strange effect on my faith. My faith still had not been my own at this point but I enjoyed telling people about it. Looking back on this I have no clue why I made this my image when it was a chance I could have started over and been anyone I wanted to. God proved Himself faithful. I was confident in “my faith” but not in Christ. When my senior year came around I decided I hated school and I never wanted to go to college. I knew I would need money to live on but didn’t know what I would do to have money but avoid college. My mom suggested beauty school because it was something I could do while being creative. It sounded like a grand plan until I started to think seriously about it. My parents told me it would be hard to be a stylist for the rest of my life so i decided I would own my own salon and that would please everyone. I wouldn’t have to go to college but I would make enough money to support myself. So continuing with my senior year, my Bible teacher told us we could get extra credit for his class if we went to the college fair and talk to 3 representatives. I went to get the extra credit and ended up talking to a man from Campus Crusades for Christ. My senior year of high school I joined CRU at a local university and made some great friends. This was my first experience seeing people from the outside world, college kids for that matter actively pursuing a life with God. It was amazing! I wanted it. I started to take my faith more serious my senior year of high school. God proved Himself faithful. By middle of my senior year I decided that the guy I had been dating from freshman year was not who I was going to marry. We were not on the same mindset when it came to faith. I had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach but yet we had been dating for 3.5 years and that’s a lot of time to throw down the drain. The Christmas break of my senior year I made the hard decision to break up with the guy. We parted ways and started to pursue different directions. He moved to a different state and I stayed at my high school and finished out the year. God proved Himself faithful in directing my paths. I graduated in May of 2015 and a week later started cosmetology school at a local center. 1500 hours went by as I made new friends and fell in love with cosmetology. Towards the end of cosmetology school I decided college might not be such a bad idea. I did the whole college tour and filled out a grand total of 2 applications. The two schools I applied to had high standards when it came to grades and testing. In high school I was the average A-B student but when it came to testing I did not do well at all. The school I really wanted to go to, I was told I would not get accepted into since my testing scores were too low. I got the acceptance letter from the other school and was about to accept the fact that I would be attending the school I did not really want to go to…until my mom suggested I check my application for the other school online. I was accepted into the school of my dreams! God proved Himself faithful. I now am in my second year and still just as in love with it as I was when I first heard about it. God has opened and closed doors as I have been here and I have seen Him working throughout my life. I can honestly say I am closer to God now more than I ever have been. I am continuing to grow in my walk with the Lord through chapels, student life, and discipleship ministries. God has slowly been changing my heart to desire Him more and more and He has started to open my heart to desire His will for my life. God continues to be faithful and though I may feel lost and lonely and confused and worthless at times I am constantly reminded how good God is, how much He loves me, and has created me in His image. I am a daughter of the KING and nobody can take that away. It will always be a battle fighting against sin but i know that God will continue to love me and continue to walk alongside me as I pursue Him in all that i do.

So hopefully this gives you a little insight on who I am and what I am passionate about. I look forward to sharing more thoughts and things that I learn about God through this outlet.

Bible and the Bean is the best way to start the morning.

Never stop starting.

Much love, Bible and the Bean

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